Release Preview is a temporary and isolated test account that is running the new version of NetSuite software. Release Preview access ends and all tasks performed on that account will be deleted on the date your production account is upgraded to the new release. This date is listed on your New Release portlet.

During your period of access to the Release Preview account:

  • Continue to use your production account to run your daily business processes.
  • Use the Release Preview account to learn about new features and to test the upcoming release. Testing in the Release Preview account can give you a better understanding of how customisations in your account will behave with the new version.

Testing in the Release Preview account can be helpful in identifying potential problems. If you encounter difficulties when testing in Release Preview, it might indicate that your processes are tied to a specific data centre. Testing in Release Preview is not a foolproof method of finding all potential problems, but it could help to raise awareness in certain areas. For example, URLs could be hard-coded with data centre specific identifiers, or some processes might not be using dynamic discovery methods.

If you would like to receive a 2021.2 Release Preview account, please opt -in to take advantage of the Release Preview access period to prepare and become familiar with the new NetSuite capabilities. For further details on how to request, see Requesting a Release Preview Account.

If you receive a Release Preview account in 2021.2, you can access it several weeks before your production account is scheduled for an upgrade to the new release of NetSuite. Notifications with details about Release Preview availability are sent to the account administrators as described in Release Preview Notifications. Release Preview availability information is also posted on the New Release portlet.

If you do not see it on your home page (or dashboard) in your production account, add the New Release portlet to view upcoming release information. Use the portlet as your guide to everything you need to know about the new release.

To add or restore the New Release portlet to your dashboard:

  1. Click Personalise on your Home page.
  2. On the Standard Content tab, select New Release.

To access the latest release notes click here.