Case Study – Accurate Locksmiths

Leading the way – Accurate Locksmiths and NetSuite

A NetSuite pioneer, Accurate Locksmiths were one of the first businesses in New Zealand to adopt the ERP. Looking to grow, they needed comprehensive and easy-to-use software that brought together the various aspects of their business – from bookkeeping to job bookings, sales to inventory. With server continuity a concern, they were also after a system that was reliable and secure – so a cloud-based solution was the way to go.

Liberate I.T. worked alongside Accurate Locksmiths to implement NetSuite into their operations and smooth over any hiccups along the way. It was a complicated process, but one that’s transformed the way Accurate Locksmiths functions. Director, Matt Langenkamp, shares what integrating NetSuite into their business has meant to them.

Key Wins

  • Reduced accounts receivable from 60 days to 40 days

  • 1 hour saved per day, per technician

  • Over $55k per year saved on people resources

  • 90% of employees described a “definite improvement” within a month

  • Increased revenue using the same number of technicians

  • Significantly improved reporting

  • Better tracking of KPIs for team bonuses

  • Visibility of data from anywhere in the world

“NetSuite can do all the work of a person, meaning we’ve been able to save $55k plus $10-$20k on consultants annually. Once your business gets to a certain size, it’s worth it.”

Why Accurate Locksmiths chose NetSuite ERP

Following the Christchurch earthquakes, Matt saw too many businesses struggling to retrieve or restore their information and systems. He knew there must be a better way to go. “People were concerned about security with a cloud based system. But I thought you’d have more security in the cloud than on a server in the workplace.”

After looking into multiple ERPs, Matt decided that NetSuite offered the best range of features – enabling Accurate Locksmiths to cut down on multiple systems and reduce the time spent on admin. They became just the second business in New Zealand to implement it, and within a month, 90% of their employees described the new system as a “definite improvement”.

“Liberate have been building a community of NetSuite users – introducing businesses to each other and empowering us to see how others use it. I get a lot of value from that.”

Key Benefits of NetSuite

Since implementing NetSuite, Accurate Locksmiths’ efficiency has skyrocketed. Technicians save at least an hour a day by accessing the system remotely rather than coming into the office to receive their jobs for the day. Technicians can also find parts, enter codes for parts sold, and enter labour time as they go.

“Data entry gets done faster and more accurately because it’s being done by the person who did the work,” explains Matt. “By redesigning the workflow, we’ve completely eliminated a bottleneck and we can get invoices out hours after a job is done instead of weeks.”


Liberate’s process established exactly what Accurate Locksmiths needed and how to make their operations more streamlined.

Better Reporting

Better data and automated reporting gives the senior leadership team complete visibility over what’s working and what isn’t.

Positive Cashflow

Accounts receivables have gone from an average of 60 days to 40 days – a hugely positive impact on cashflow.

From Accurate Locksmiths to you: what you need to know if you’re considering NetSuite

Besides greater efficiency and improved invoicing, Matt says to consider how you can use NetSuite to keep your team motivated and performing. Through NetSuite’s visual user interface, technicians can track their own sales success and that of their team – creating a leaderboard of who’s meeting their KPIs. This keeps the team engaged and has bought about a change in the way the team feels about meeting their KPIs.

Partnering with Liberate I.T.

For Matt and the team at Accurate Locksmiths, Liberate I.T. made the adjustment process smooth and simple. While there were some challenges along the way, Liberate’s switched-on nature meant these were only small hiccups.

“As we were one of Liberate’s early customers, they were eager to help us migrate,” Matt explains. “NetSuite is more flexible than most, but we are 95% still running it the way we did at the beginning. Maybe because we designed it right the first time.”

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