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Leading the way – Finder and NetSuite

Finder is the comparison tool trusted by millions of people worldwide to help them make better decisions. Finder is the brainchild of highschool friends Fred and Frank who launched it as a credit card comparison tool in 2006. The idea was simple, to  help customers navigate the countless options and hundreds of possible bolt-ons and rates to find the credit card to best suit their needs. That’s grown to become a full-on comparison website, across shopping, travel, loans, insurance, and even into the emerging world of cryptocurrency.

With 300 worldwide staff and another 300 or so freelancers across offices in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Poland, and a support crew in the Philippines, Finder’s goals of ongoing expansion demanded a more powerful ERP than they’d become accustomed to.

Key Wins

  • Consolidated cloud-based reporting across the globe

  • Fantastic buy-in from the team leading to greater uptake

  • Fast-tracking of existing projects and bringing in of client teams

  • Flexibility and agility in line with Finder’s values

  • Continuous upgrades to keep ahead of the game

One of our values at Finder is ‘Go live’ – being the first to market with the most accurate information, so we have to move fast. NetSuite would enable us to do just that while meeting all our business requirements for the next five years.

Why Finder chose NetSuite ERP

The ability to scale was – and still is – critical to Finder. They had been using an alternative, popular ERP, but as Finder began to undergo strategic expansion, their ERP provider tapped out; they couldn’t manage the number of connections required for Finder to power forward without short-term solutions and endless patchwork.

“Our previous tool was great for us in the early days,” explains Charlene. “But it’s not built for consolidations. We were only able to tag two categories on each transaction. We were pulling data and uploading it to Excel to get better insights. We were double-handling.”

“In the wider company, we wanted to automate partnerships and onboarding, to keep up to date with metrics and get real-time insights. We wanted a better quality of data. We needed a better ERP that could support that mandate.”

The limited functionality was a big motivator to move toward something more powerful that could connect multiple data sources and get better analytics, and an open API platform that could feed into other databases and talk to other facilities.

Finder brought in Vittoria Anderson at Ironborn as a consultant who brought together every department to scope the project and what boxes needed ticking. Once they’d narrowed down their options to include NetSuite, our own Steve Paea came in to understand the project. 

NetSuite met all our business requirements. We’d considered SalesForce – which works well for marketing and sales – and Microsoft Dynamics, but it was NetSuite that could tick all the boxes. 

Key Benefits of NetSuite

Finder is still in the first stages of the company-wide rollout of NetSuite, with finance being first out the gate, but with incredible momentum Charlene sees the entire organisation, internationally, working with NetSuite before the end of 2022.

“The good thing is that I’ll have buy-in from everyone. As a project manager, that makes a huge difference, and because I’m in finance, I’m seeing the advantages first.”

One of the big bonuses, says Charlene, is how the all-in-one nature of NetSuite offers “relief from consolidated reporting.” Around 20 subsidiaries would equate to as many profiles in their previous ERP; now, they’re composed together. “That’s a big win for the team – to bring everything into one platform.”

In addition, the drag-and-drop nature of NetSuite has enabled the team to create custom reports – which has helped some of the staff get over their “old favourite” reporting models from their earlier ERP. 

Exceptional buy-in

By getting all the teams involved from the outset and investing time selecting and defining what solutions would be best, user acceptance of NetSuite at Finder has been strong.

Fast-tracking of projects

The team’s already excited about integrating a separate CRM project and syncing the roll-out. With more time now available, it means Finder has been able to bring in client teams sooner than expected.

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Live updates

Being able to see, in real time, bank transactions in Australia coming into the central hub has been a big win for Charlene. That transparency takes away the uncertainty of a 24/7, always-live organisation like Finder.

From Finder to you: what you need to know if you’re considering NetSuite

“Because it’s cloud-based, you can count on continuous improvement. Don’t lean towards programmes that are static. We know when to expect a NetSuite update; it’s twice a year, and they’ll tell you what’s new.”

Partnering with Liberate I.T.

“Our experience from the beginning, even as we were figuring out that NetSuite was the right tool, was exceptional. Steve Paea understood our business needs; he set realistic expectations, and what he said he’d get us, he got us.”

“When we went go-live, it was surprisingly chill. There was no stress, no nervousness. I’m constantly asking What does success look like?, and here it was feeling the team were equipped and ready. We knew what to expect, and we were calm.”

“Liberate I.T. don’t just dump you on go-live day. They consider you successfully live after one month in, at which point you transition to support. They’re there to help you be successful, and they have similar values to us. When Finder partners with organisations, we need to know we’re working towards the same goals.”

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