Just over a decade ago Paul Beattie became Liberate I.T.’s 2nd employee, following closely in the footsteps of Steve Paea.

Paul had been in and around ERP for a long time and after returning from an extended OE with an Irish wife, was looking for something to get him excited. Enter Liberate I.T.; do we have a job for you.

At Soltius we were breaking away from our exclusive marriage with SAP and wanting to offer an ERP solution that was fit for purpose, appropriately priced and easy to maintain. Paul was the man to convince our prospects to make the NetSuite commitment, initially taking on a pre-sales role but (as is his nature) getting involved in everything, which saw a natural progression to a General Manager role in our growing company.

Paul’s a unique character. Not your typical corporate GM, he exudes a passion for the business and unashamedly wears his heart on his sleeve. He has a true passion for the NetSuite product; an eagerness only surpassed by his commitment to his team and our Liberate I.T. customers. You will regularly find him on chat in the late evening (craft ale by his side) working through and resolving the issue of the day, clearing roadblocks, getting on with business.

On the sly, he is a lawn bowler extraordinaire, a sci-fi enthusiast (Star Wars anyone) and hangs out at Auckland venues no one has heard of checking out some obscure band or the latest play.

Thanks for getting us to where we are Paul. You’ve built a special team, crafted a distinct culture and earned the loyalty and respect of our amazing customers. Well done.


Jim Brodie

Director, Liberate I.T.