10 years ago this month, on 11 April to be exact, Steve Paea became Liberate I.T.’s 1st employee.

Reaching 10 years with a company is always a special event. But in Steve’s case, those 10 years have been transformational for Liberate I.T. When Steve started Liberate was a start-up with no customers and the company ethos and service offering needed to be created from scratch. It was a big ask going out in the early days to find prospective customers and convincing them they would be in safe hands when Liberate had little heritage. And all this in a time when he had to explain what “the cloud” was and the benefits of “renting” your ERP system.

It takes a special sort of person to take on that challenge, riding the highs and the lows of building a business. Steve has worked tirelessly with huge enthusiasm and belief in Liberate and NetSuite and, as most of you who have been personally sold NetSuite by Steve will know, a tenacity that is legendary.

Over the past 10 years Steve has become the face of Liberate. He is Mr NetSuite in New Zealand. And as we expand into Australia, his prodigious networking skills are proving a force to be reckoned with.

Steve you have had an enormous impact on Liberate, both in your vision and direction for the company, being an integral part of creating our culture and also in the personality and charisma you have provided. We would like to thank you for the dedication and passion you bring to the table every day. On behalf of Liberate we would all like to say congratulations.

I trust everyone will wish Steve enormous congratulations on reaching this landmark.


Paul Beattie

General Manager, Liberate I.T.