As part of an ongoing security enhancement program for the NetSuite File Cabinet, this notification is to inform you that we are making changes to the way expense report attachments are stored.

The new Enhanced File Security feature is now available to test in sandbox and 2020.1 production accounts. If you have a sandbox account, we encourage you to thoroughly test this feature there before enabling it in your production account.

Although these changes are not currently mandatory, they will become so with the 2021.2 release. You should familiarize yourself with the new feature and make the necessary adjustments to your account as soon as possible.

What is Changing?

We are introducing a new folder structure in the File Cabinet for storing files attached to expense reports. After this change, each employee will have a dedicated expenses folder for submitting expense report file attachments.

The Enhanced File Security – Employee Expense Report Folders feature is available in advance of the mandatory requirement to ensure that you have adequate time to prepare your account. All 2020.1 sandbox and production accounts are provisioned with this feature.

Changes with this new feature include:

  • The destination folder of attachments will be predefined by the system.
  • Only account administrators will be able to see file attachments from the File Cabinet page.
  • Employees will not be able to find or access expense attachments from the File Cabinet page in the NetSuite application. Note: Employees will still be able to access their expense attachments from their expense reports.
  • The revised folder structure format is: File Cabinet > User Documents > Username > Expense > Year > Month.

Recommended Actions

The Enhanced File Security feature is currently available in all 2020.1 production and sandbox accounts. Before this feature becomes mandatory as of the 2021.2 release, you should:

  • Test the behavior of the new file structure in your sandbox account (if you have a sandbox account) by submitting new expense reports.
  • Ensure the structure and submission process does not affect your existing scripts and integrations. Adjust your scripts and integrations where necessary.
  • If the feature works well for you after testing in your sandbox account, you should enable the feature in your 2020.1 production account.

To enable the Enhanced File Security – Use Employee Specific Expense Folders feature:

  1. Users with administrative permissions should go to Setup > Company > Enable Features.
  2. Check the Enhanced File Security box on the Company tab, in the Data Management section.

Important: You will be able to enable and disable this feature as needed, up until 2021.2, allowing your account to return to the existing file structure.

In addition to testing the feature, a migration tool will be available with the 2020.2 release. Users with administrative permissions can use the Expense Report Attachments Migration Tool to migrate existing expense attachments to the corresponding employee-specific folders. The migration tool searches all expense reports for files that should be moved.

You can access the Expense Reports Attachments Migration tool when the Enhanced File Security feature is enabled. Before completing this migration, you should test the expense changes with your customizations in a sandbox account.

To use the Expense Report Attachments Migration tool (Available in 2020.2):

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features
  2. Check the Enhanced File Security box on the Company tab, in the Data Management section
  3. Access the migration tool from the Expense Report Attachments – Migration tool link below the Enhanced File Security setting.
  4. Review the list of files ready to migrate, view related expense reports, and schedule a migration or cancel a scheduled migration. Note: Migrations are scheduled to run at 2:00 am in your time zone.

You can also use the migration tool to view migration details, such as the progress status of a migration job, the history of previous migrations, and more.

After the Enhanced File Security feature becomes mandatory as of 2021.2, the use of predefined user folders will be required. A migration will be scheduled for any customers who have not already moved their files. After your account is upgraded to 2020.2, you are encouraged to migrate your files to the secure structure at your earliest convenience.

Summary of Events

Item Where When Available?
Enhanced File Security Feature available for testing Sandbox and production accounts 2020.1
Migration tool available Sandbox & production accounts 2020.2
Feature testing & ability to revert to old folder structure Sandbox & production accounts Up to 2021.2
Mandatory Enforcement of Feature Mandatory Enforcement of Feature From 2021.2

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding this change, please contact NetSuite Customer Support.