December 2020. The end of the year. For some people it couldn’t have come fast enough, and for good reason, both business and personal.

But I look back on 2020 not with pain but with a sense of optimism. Optimism for the human spirit in New Zealand and Australia. Optimism that despite what the year threw at us, we all showed resilience. Liberate I.T. has 110 customers using NetSuite. I’ve talked to a lot of the owners or CEOs of our customers over the past months, and the stories of resilience, or adapting to new working models, of taking care of their staff even when that was not what a hard-nosed operator would do, are inspiring. And all of our customers have got to December and are still standing, in fact some have even managed to go forward despite the tough operating conditions.

I salute you all. I’m proud that Liberate I.T. is part of your journey.

We’re not out of the woods yet and I have no illusions about 2021, but I have confidence. Liberate I.T. has come through this year in good shape. And that is of course thanks to you, and to our new customers who have shown confidence in investing in the future. While still focusing on New Zealand, where it all started, we now have people on the ground in QLD, NSW and VIC in Australia. Thirty-five NetSuite focussed people now call Liberate home. I look at our people and can confidently say there is no other NetSuite partner in ANZ with the breadth and depth of knowledge that Liberate has. With the experience and capability that Liberate has. Or the sense of purpose and fun. These guys make me look good.

I’m looking forward to 2021. Growth is in. Let’s do this.

Paul Beattie
General Manager

PS Spoiler alert. We turn 10 next year. There’s going to be a party! And there’s two customers who have been with us for those 10 years – do you know who you are?