With advancements on smart technology it is only a natural fit that to be successful in today’s ever changing business environment that cloud computing is the option to manage it.

The last 2 years I have seen a huge up take in cloud computing software technology. It was the buzzword a few years back and now there is an increase demand for it especially SaaS or Software as a Service. Basically SaaS is renting or subscribing software annually or monthly. Companies would pay a fixed fee to use the software and part of the fee in the “true cloud” environment is companies would always be on the latest version with constant upgrades and maintenance. Traditionally companies would pay a fee and have to pay extra for upgrades and also maintain its internal IT infrastructure just to keep up. Cloud computing software with SaaS has changed this all now. Most company’s today is a cloud computing company, the benefits and flexibility allows companies to worry less about IT and put more focus on growing the business knowing the software will manage that growth.

In our business, we based cloud based computing software- Office 365 and NetSuite. That is all.

Don’t get left behind with old outdated on premise software, I am confident there is a cloud software out there to help your business grow and become successful.