A new formula field is being created for the NetSuite 2023.2 release. The new formula is HTML and is replacing text formulas that have HTML code in it.

New NetSuite formula field

What do I need to do to implement the new formula?

  • Nothing at the moment – wait until you NetSuite environment is upgraded to 2023.2 (ETA is Aug/Sep 2023) 
  • Utilising an Administrator role – You will need to edit a number of saved searches from using the “Formula (Text)” field to the new “Formula (HTML)” field in order for them to work correctly. 
  • Add a new permission “Create HTML Formulas in Search” to any Roles that create/edit saved searches and may need to utilise this new field. 


How do I tell what Saved Searches are affected/ need to be changed? 

  • A saved search is being added to your account (currently not available) and can be found by accessing Lists > Search > Saved Searches with HTML in Formula (Text).  
  • Some Saved Searches that have been added to your account through bundles/modules or applications may be locked and therefore not be editable by yourself (even with an administrator role). NetSuite has notified the creators of these bundles and they will be rolling out updates to correct these. 


How do I make the change?  

  • Run the “Saved Searches with HTML in formula (text)” search 
  • Open the listed Saved Search(es) in Edit mode. 
  • Click on the “Results” Tab 
  • Change the ‘field’ form of any formula that has HTML coding from “Formula (Text)” to “Formula (HTML)” 
  • Save the Saved Search 


For More Information: 


Should you have any issues with the above, don’t hesitate to contact liberate IT support who can make these changes on your behalf once you have upgraded to 2023.2