Soon SMS and Voice Call options will no longer be available when users set up two-factor authentication (2FA) preferences in your NetSuite account.

Two-factor authentication changes

As of March 1, 2023, the 2FA setup wizard will no longer allow users to specify the SMS or Voice Call options for delivering verification codes.

Industry experts (such as NIST, W3C, and the FIDO Alliance) no longer view SMS as a secure delivery mechanism for 2FA verification codes. SMS messages and voice calls are not the most reliable methods for receiving verification codes for many reasons:

  • The SMS service provider may have an outage.
  • Your phone service provider may have an outage.
  • You may not be in an area where you can receive a cell signal.
  • Short-duration voice calls are not allowed in some countries.
  • SMS messages can be intercepted and breached.

An authenticator app is free, and free from these potential risks and problems.

After March 1, 2023, if you need to set up your 2FA preferences in your NetSuite account, you will only be able to use an authenticator app. You will still be given 10 one-time backup codes during the 2FA setup step. Using a backup code to gain access to NetSuite is not affected by this change.

Recommended Action

Existing users are not required to make changes now. However, we encourage you to switch to an authenticator app.

Important: As part of our ongoing commitment to world-class security, the SMS and Voice Call options are targeted for removal in a future NetSuite release.

To switch from SMS to an authenticator app:

  1. Select and install the authenticator app of your choice. You can choose from the list of Supported Authenticator Apps, SuiteAnswers ID 63640.
  2. Click the Reset your 2FA setup link in the Settings portlet to start using an authenticator app instead of SMS. For more information, see Reset Your 2FA Settings, SuiteAnswers ID 77635.
  3. Enter the verification code and click Submit. The NetSuite application prompts you to set up your 2FA preferences in NetSuite.
  4. In the 2FA setup wizard:
    • Before March 1, 2023, choose the authenticator app as your primary method of authentication, and then click Skip to backup codes.
    • After March 1, 2023, the authenticator app will be your only option.

For more information, see Set up Your Preferences for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), SuiteAnswers ID 77541.

If you have any questions, please contact Support.