Liberate I.T. presents: NETSTOCK

Presented by Andy Hiscox, CEO of NETSTOCK Australia.

NETSTOCK is an intuitive, cloud-based affordable inventory management application that helps you make better inventory decisions.

NETSTOCK takes the power of NetSuite to the next level by extending NetSuite’s inventory functionality. NETSTOCK connects to your NetSuite data and allows you to:

  • Produce quality forecasts
  • Reduce the time spent on manual tasks
  • Reduce your excess inventory
  • Minimize your stockouts

The intelligent data you obtain from NETSTOCK helps you free up capital found in the excess inventory gathering dust in your warehouse. Reducing your excess stock will also reduce your carrying costs, meaning more profits for your business. By being more efficient with your inventory management, you are able to offer a high-quality customer experience.

With the NETSTOCK dashboard, you have full visibility of your inventory so you can focus your efforts on your money spinners – the stock items that matter!



Andy is CEO of NETSTOCK Australia, COO for the Group

As one of the Founders of NETSTOCK, Andy is passionate about helping his customers achieve great results and truly believes that NETSTOCK can transform your business. With almost 4 decades of experience, Andy has extensive knowledge and insights on how to best optimize supply chains across a broad range of industries. His expertise lies in the design and implementation of advanced planning systems and advanced supply chain processes.

March 24 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:00 (1h)


What our clients are saying

As we went through the process of selecting a replacement ERP solution for our growing business Netsuite and Liberate I.T came out consistently on top. Liberate I.T were our preferred vendor as they live and breathe Netsuite and have done so for ten years.

Andrew White

You made the whole project an enjoyable and exciting experience that has been key in moving the business forward in leaps and bounds!

Murray Sellars
Packline Solutions

The change over from old program to NetSuite was made easy by their vast knowledge and being able to adapt the program to our style of business and recommend changes to save time. 

Lyn Chapman
Prestige Produce

They ensured our implementation of JCurve/NetSuite was seamless to our customers and since the cut-over has continued to assist us with progressively expanding the NetSuite capabilities within our company.

Peter Davis
Point to Point Distribution

Liberate I.T. has the unique characteristics of in-depth understanding of the NetSuite application and business process to offer businesses an optimal system for their business to operate. They are quick to identify and interpret needs and have a broad and practical experience to know what works.

Lucas Vear
Viatek Pty Ltd

I've worked closely with these guys for over 3 years now and would recommend them highly. Everyone takes a keen interest in finding the right solution for our needs, which is a feat, considering our needs are far from 'generic'.

Joshua Brownlie
Bulleen Screens

Liberate IT have helped shape our company's future direction with their thorough understanding and professional implementation of our NetSuite package. Highly recommend.

Julian Smith
Nationwide Waste

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