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Fit NZ

Streamlining the Sales System

After well over a decade in the industry, Kiwi kitchen and home storage solution experts Fit were looking to grow – but they needed software that would support them to do that. Moving from multiple systems clunkily connected together to NetSuite was a decision they didn’t take lightly – but it’s one that’s already had a big impact.

From accounting to sales to stock control, the NetSuite system is now used by every part of the Fit organisation to streamline processes, improve accuracy, and save time – with Liberate I.T. providing support and upskilling.

Key Wins

  • Increased accuracy in processing orders

  • Decreased manual processing time for customer service

  • Automated, customised reporting for better decision making

  • More informed and effective sales calls

  • Growth from 18 staff in one location to over 25 staff in two locations, including a brand new showroom in Christchurch.

“There’s no question about the capability of NetSuite. It has the smarts and capacity for big business, which will allow us to scale.”

Why Fit Chose NetSuite ERP

In 2016, Fit CEO Lyndon Boakes was keen to take the business to the next level – but he knew they needed to future proof first. Fit were quickly outgrowing their existing system – a simple accounting package that had been integrated with an external CRM platform. “It was limiting what we could do – we were having to do lots of customising to make it work,” says Lyndon. “If the support had been there, we might have persevered – but the service was also shocking.”

They needed a system that would bring together the various parts of their business and help them manage sales, lead times, inventory levels, and accounting. Having heard good things from other businesses using NetSuite, they believed it was the right way to go.

“We talked to other businesses about using NetSuite, and the others we knew who were using it gave us confidence that it could do what we needed it to do.”

Key Benefits of NetSuite

Fit moved all their processes across to NetSuite and quickly noticed the impact. “We were able to create far more automated processes than previously, which cut down time spent on manual tasks.”

Even Fit’s website is built directly in NetSuite, ensuring that orders go straight through to the system without any manual processing needed and reducing the possibility of human error significantly.
For Fit customers, the biggest benefit is greater visibility – with previous orders, tracking, special pricing, and the ability to build multiple lists all available online. That’s also helping the team save time, as customers don’t have as many questions!

Better Reporting & Visualisations

Moved from manual and inconsistent to completely automated and customised dashboards for each person’s needs.

Better Relationships

From past buying history to notes from previous calls, NetSuite gives users greater insights into customers – leading to more intelligent and effective sales calls.

Seamless Orders

Sales from the website now pull from the same system – reducing manual processing time and ensuring that inventory remains at accurate levels.

From Fit to you: what you need to know if you’re considering NetSuite

“There’s no question about the capability of NetSuite. It has the smarts and capacity for big business, which will allow us to scale,” says Lyndon. “Before you start using it, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want, know that you have the ability to customise it easily, and ensure that you’ve got the right support behind you.”

Partnering with Liberate I.T.

“We weren’t too sure what to expect from the implementation,” shares Grant, Fit’s Operations Team Manager. “When you launch into it, you don’t have a clue what’s involved, or even what the system can do.

A big part of the six month implementation process was getting to know the system and its capabilities. It was definitely testing at times, but Liberate guided us and led us through the whole process.”

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