How are you coping? Are you like my sister whose dog has taken to hiding under the sofa as he doesn’t want to go on yet one more walk? Or like my Dad, who loved having a birthday celebration online because his grandchildren, who are all over the world,  were all together in one zoom room.

Are you busy using up all those strange ingredients that have been hiding in the back of the cupboard? Or trying to balance the kids school device use, with the kids social media device use, and trying to get them out into the fresh air.

Are you like me, and are finding that your problem solving future marine biologist Uni student has reverted to a child who has forgotten how to use a dishwasher?

However you are coping, we are still all here to help, whether for that tricky problem that you now have time to solve, or simply a friendly voice at the end of the phone.

I’ll leave you with a fabulous quote from the blog of one of our customers – Waterworks:

“The pessimist will see the difficulty in every opportunity, but the optimist will see the opportunity in every difficulty”.

Take care, and stay safe.