When companies review their business software, make sure your business is geared up with the software you purchase and remember it will be with you for a very very long time. A lot of time and investment has gone into this project and I’ve seen and heard horror stories from companies when they hit the green button only to find out they made a mistake.

Here are my tips that could help when evaluating software and future proof your business:

  1. When I say long time, I don’t mean the software just sits there and does its thing forever. Don’t get me wrong it does sit there and does its thing but at the same time its constantly updating and upgrading the software to adapt to change. Does your software include maintenance and upgrades?
  2. The software has the ability to offer additional capabilities to suit an ever changing business. Let’s say you operate a B2B wholesale distribution business but now want to start manufacturing goods, will the system meet the new changes or do you have to buy a separate system? Enquire about your selected ERP business system and ask what other verticals or industries the system manages?
  3. Is it always up to date with technology, like for example iWatch from Apple the new cool hardware device, is the software geared up for new products in the tech sector?
  4. Have you considered cloud based and server based applications? I always suggest to look at both applications as part of your evaluation. If your business operates in the wop wops and internet is not good OR you might find that ultra-fast broadband will be rolled out to your business in the coming months? Plan ahead and do some research.
  5. Talk to friends or family members who use different accounting/ ERP systems. Make sure though you ask the right questions. For example;
  • Is it a mid-market accounting/ ERP system?
  • Is it fully integrated?
  • On-going costs?
  • What is the support structure like?
  • Is the system easy to use?

I’ve seen many companies make the mistake and jump in too early when selecting accounting/ business management software. I always suggest do some research online, talk to peers, friends etc.

TIP: Always evaluate 3 Accounting/ ERP systems, make sure to evaluate cloud and server based applications as part of that process.

Happy hunting.