Data security is an important topic of discussion right now, and NetSuite understands the importance of keeping your company data and your customer data secure.  As such they have in place several data centre performance audits which are completed periodically by independent 3rd parties who are qualified to conduct these audits.  You or your auditors may need access to these, and so NetSuite have made these available to you via self service.


Available reports include:

NetSuite datacentre reports

For more information on these reports and on the controls that NetSuite have in place, please download the NetSuite Data Centre datasheet.


To access the audit reports, you first need to make sure your role has permissions to the NetSuite Account Centre.  Here is how to do this.


Step 1: Set up your User to have access to the NetSuite Account Centre.

  • Setup > Users / Roles > Manage Users
  • Locate the desired User from the list
  • Edit the User Record
  • In the Access Subtab add the “NetSuite Support Centre” Role to the Users role list.
  • Get the User to Log out and Log back into NetSuite for the new role to appear as an option.

datacentre report

Now you are able to request the reports.


Step 2: Access and Generate the Reports

  • Support > Support Overview
  • Click on Netsuite Account Centre link in the Top LH side of the page
  • Click on the Privacy Compliance Menu Header
  • Click on the Audit Report Request link (You may need to expand the Privacy Compliance Links list to see this)
  • Click on the “New Audit Report Request” Button
  • Complete the compulsory fields and select the required reports. These will then be generated and you will be able to download/ print as required.