A common question I get asked a lot when selling accounting/ ERP software, where is my data centre and how safe is it?

A great question I must add, at the end of the day it is your data and it is very important when you are putting your trust in cloud based software that you know it is safe and secure.
Your computer/ server is more prone to security breaches and being hacked than a reputable data centre which is securely built and has the resources and stringent security to protect your data.

Here are some of the questions I get asked;

  • How safe is my data?
    • Safer than your server tucked in a tiny room or under someone’s desk? NetSuite’s data centre is a fortress within a fortress. It has a SSL encryption code, you can’t just walk off the street and go in. It’s like trying to get into Fort Knox.
  • Can I retrieve my data, I heard once it’s in the cloud, we can’t retrieve it?
    • Don’t believe everything you hear. Your data is yours and only yours. Your data can be downloaded any time of the day if you wish. NetSuite only hosts your data and does not lock you out of your system. It belongs to you and only you.
  • Why is the data centre in the USA and not local?
    • Because the USA has been doing this for many years. NetSuite are the pioneers in Cloud Computing ERP/ Accounting since 1998 and are light years ahead of what NZ is doing with its data centre. I’d say the next data centre close to NZ will be with our friends across the Tasman most likely Sydney or Melbourne.
  • Do I still need to back up my data, I do this every day before I go home?
    • You can kiss that process goodbye. NetSuite constantly updates and replicates your data with its data centres. No more copying disks, saving files to your USB and putting in your bag on in your drawer in the desk.
  • The data centre is in the USA, will speed be affected?
    • Not really. NetSuite speed is similar to any website or online tool. It takes a few second. With ultra-fast internet speed being rolled out throughout New Zealand, speed shouldn’t be an issue. Just make sure no one is watching any live stream rugby match or downloading movies. NetSuite also has service level agreement for uptime speed if that gives you comfort. One month’s free subscription if the uptime falls below 99.5%

Your data is safe with a reputable software company that its data centre meets all the global compliance and legislation. NetSuite has data centres in the USA and Europe.
You want to protect your business and not be in this situation below:
A man retrieving his computer servers after an earthquake struck. It took him a whole week to get in his damaged office