I was working out this morning when this track from (way) back-in-the-day came on and now I can’t get it out of my head. Perhaps it is because I pine for simpler times. After all this track was a hit for Olivia Newton-John in 1981 (enjoy this flash back if you are in the mood https://youtu.be/vWz9VN40nCA). Simpler times were so much more physical, in and out trays, mail you had to physically open, phone messages that were scrawled on physical memo pads, even phones that were so physical they definitely did not fit in your pocket (there were wires to deal with too!).

So what has the evolution of technology brought us over the past 25 odd years?
Well, technology is a broad concept. It has come to refer to breakthroughs in science that allow for a better or automated solution. While the most obvious benefit to technology in small business is increased productivity, which translates into a lower cost structure, there are some other benefits that have helped the bottom line as well: improved speed, the ease of sharing and storing information and a decrease in human error through automation add up to a reduction in costs and an increase in revenue.

What about for us, the workers? Work life balance – it’s arguable that automation has not contributed to the quality of life. We are seldom truly out-of-office. Who even uses that email function anymore? We go on holiday yet stay connected through the mass of computing power in our palms/pockets. The kids lament the availability of wireless. Even in France the official 35-hour week legislation of 2000 is under threat. The best benefit I can think of is how closer it has (or has the opportunity) to bring us all, especially when life is just “busy”.

Technology even is now out-of-office. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, my favourite of the Cloud technologies. And my favourites, NetSuite, Adaptive Insights, Safelsforce.com. They are favourites because as a technology professional they deliver value to a business in near record time and also to users, enhancing their work life (let’s face it we spend more time at work than at leisure) leaving them more energised and ready to contribute the business, and energised for life outside the office.

The challenge for many technologies professionals (C-level executive also), is bound within human nature, the need for “control” – the need to get physical, to physically own their infrastructure, to touch and feel it. This breed needs to find comfort and build trust relationships with experienced service providers and take a balanced risk management approach to technology investments.
Perhaps it might be easiest to just chill to a little quote MC Hammer from 1990, “U Can’t Touch This”! (https://youtu.be/otCpCn0l4Wo for another flashback) when considering Cloud technology offerings.
If you really want to take your business, that’s your staff and your organisation forwards, embrace the Cloud now. Take your organisation forwards and stay ahead of the pack. Oh and while you are at it, get physical, workout, you need to look after yourself too.