Liberate I.T. is functioning as normal through the COVID-19 isolation period.

What an amazing job we’ve done as a country. We all should feel very proud of protecting the health of our elderly and vulnerable. We’re now on Level 3 and hopefully Level 2 will be just round the corner. Now it’s about the economic recovery.

Like every other company, Liberate I.T, has been keeping a close watch on our cashflow and on our forecasted revenues. We’ve spent a lot of time not only maintaining the well-being of our staff, but also working through scenarios to ensure the best NetSuite consultants in New Zealand and Australia are still with Liberate after the down-turn. We’re pleased to announce that the planning is working.

Liberate I.T. is a virtual workspace company, utilising only NetSuite, 365 and Asana to run all our operations. This has made it easy for Liberate to comply with the governments rules during the lock-down, with all services, support and meetings being performed virtually.

All the people you connect with at Liberate on a day to day basis already work from home offices, meaning there will be little change to how you interact with Liberate I.T. as remote work processes are already our Business As Usual. Having said that, we hope you’ll forgive the odd young child interruption or noise in the background; our consultants children aren’t as used to working from home.

Running NetSuite means that many of your operations can also be run just as effectively from home. Now we’re in Level 3 there’s going to be a mix of your employees working from home while others are in the operational areas or out on site. It’s important to look at altering your NetSuite processes to make this working environment more efficient. All through this, Liberate has offered our customers free help to review and revise their processes. We have an innovative group of employees who will meet any challenges during this period head on. Please give Gabrielle a call and she will set you up with a consultant to discuss ideas

We have also found that many customers who aren’t deemed essential services are using the downtime to work on long held off optimisation projects, some requiring intensive assistance from Liberate, and others just a steer in the right direction. Again, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. Are you still not using the expense reports? Is case management being performed in Excel? Are the CRM processes a bit of a mess and could do with tightening up? Are you seeing the vendor bills PDFs and approving them within NetSuite or still with a big Approved stamp? How’s that dashboard looking?

Finally, Liberate’s offer to assist with the upcoming economic uncertainty remains. We understand only too well that a large number of Liberate’s customers buy and sell internationally. With international supply chains becoming stressed, there may be cashflow squeezes ahead. We have worked with many customers already, in some cases managing to extend NetSuite licence payments or Liberate services payment dates, in others introducing Oracle Finance (with built in payment holidays) to assist to make a scheduled licence payment (and it doesn’t matter if you’re half way through a multi-year deal) or pay for some Liberate optimisation services.

At this time we need to look after each other – business-to-business, people-to-people.