All of us are watching the news related to COVID-19. We wanted to take this opportunity to update our customers on Liberate I.T.s continuity plan.

Liberate I.T. is a virtual workspace company, utilising only NetSuite, 365 and Asana to run all our operations. This has made it easy for Liberate to comply with the governments rules during the lock-down, with all services, support and meetings being performed virtually.

All the people you connect with at Liberate on a day to day basis already work from home offices, meaning there will be little change to how you interact with Liberate I.T. as remote work processes are already our Business As Usual. Having said that, We hope you’ll forgive the odd young child interruption or noise in the background; our consultants children aren’t as used to working from home.

One change we have implemented however is an escalation procedure for essential businesses. We surveyed our customers and found that 35% have been designated essential business or suppliers to essential businesses; with one customer actively involved in the importation and distribution of the COVID-19 test kits. The support desk has implemented an escalation protocol to ensure customers operating an essential service are streamed differently and extra resources have been provided to ensure their queries are responded to very quickly.

Running NetSuite means that many of your operations can also be run just as effectively from home. If some of your employees are working from home for the first time and you wish to alter your NetSuite processes to make this more efficient, please give Gabrielle a call and she will set you up with a consultant to discuss ideas. There will be no charge for this help. We have an innovative group of employees who will meet any challenges during this period head on.

Finally, as we discussed at the user group, COVID-19 is bringing with it economic uncertainty. We understand only too well that a large number of Liberate’s customers buy and sell internationally. With international supply chains becoming stressed, there may be cashflow squeezes ahead. We will work with you to assist where we can to ease payment pressures either to NetSuite or to Liberate.
At this time we need to look after each other – business-to-business, people-to-people.