Logging a case with Liberate I.T. Support is the easiest and fastest way to get the help you need with just a few clicks.

Most customers will have access to Liberate I.T’s support system, but if you don’t, contact Gabrielle Martell-Turner at garbrielle.martell-turner@liberateit.co.nz. Gabrielle is Liberate I.T.s Account Manager. Liberate I.T. has three options for support and Gabrielle will be able to take you through each of them.

Once you have been given access to the Liberate I.T. Support Centre, to access it you need to log into Liberate I.T.’s Customer Centre. Go to your usual log–in page for NetSuite and enter your email address and the password supplied by Liberate I.T. Support.

Once logged in click “Change password”. We suggest you change the password to be identical to your “usual” password. This way, the Liberate I.T. Customer Centre will appear as another role in your company’s NetSuite account.

Changing your Password

Click Change password in Liberate I.T.’s Customer Centre.

Enter your current password and then new password to match your usual NetSuite Login password.

Raising a Case

When you enter Liberate I.T.’s Customer Centre, the page below is displayed. By the way, you can allow your own customers to see your own Customer Centre from your own NetSuite system, including logging cases to you as you’re about to do to Liberate.

Go to Support> Contact Support and enter the information required.

You will receive a confirmation email and case number. Responding to this or future emails at any time will update the case record.

Your case will be responded to by the designated support person and we strive for a 4-hour response time. If you feel the issue is urgent and stopping your company from transacting, please mark it as a Priority 1 case. This will cause all employees of Liberate to be emailed that the case has been logged. Please note, Priority 1 status is used only in very serious situations and we strive to ensure customers do not use it for other issues as that will deprecate its value.

On occasions, and particularly just after a go live situation, the designated support person will usually escalate the case directly to your primary implementation consultant.

Please be aware that there are three types of support available. If you are on a fixed rate or retainer support, usually you won’t be charged for Liberate I.T.’s team to respond to a support case (please refer to the support agreement for exclusions). However, if you have opted for a time and materials support agreement, you will be charged for the time the consultant spends investigating the case. This is whether the source of the problem is customer-related or NetSuite-related (e.g. a defect in the system or an enhancement is required).

If you feel at the outset that the fault is a defect in NetSuite, all NetSuite customers can log defect cases directly with NetSuite support by going to the SuiteAnswers area (under the Support tab).