It was one summer of 2008 (latter part of April in the Philippines), I received a call from Netsuite Philippines.  The call was from one of their pioneer recruiters.  Netsuite Philippines was just starting then in establishing their office in the Central Business District of Manila.
Its exact location is in one of the most secured building in Makati.  That is the RCBC Plaza.  It is one of the most secured buildings because it houses a number of foreign embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions.

Netsuite’s recruiter got my contact information from  Back then, Netsuite was just starting to build its Professional Services Team after coming up with a strong Support Team.  I was offered a consulting job in night shift since I will be part of the team who will cater to North American clients.  I was expected to work at 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM.  Philippine time is 12 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time.  I accepted the job since it goes with a good compensation and benefit package plus the fact that I will be able to avoid the heavy traffic that goes with a dayshift job in densely populated Manila.

I can say that in my entire career in IT world, being a consultant in Netsuite is one of my best experiences.  I learned many things while I was in Netsuite.  It is in Netsuite where I first heard about cloud computing.  Prior to Netsuite I handled traditional ERP systems.  I am amazed to learn that applications may be available to users 24/7 anywhere as long as the user has internet connection.  It is also good to know that if a business is using Netsuite, they will actually lower their company’s IT cost because they do not need servers nor need to maintain a big IT team.

In my few months in Netsuite it is just like I am back in school.  We first studied about Netsuite’s features in a classroom setting.  We had demonstrations, presentations and exams!  Then we had shadowing activities where we get to join phone conferences of experienced consultants in US as they are doing meetings and trainings with their clients using webex.  Later on each of us student consultants were given our own clients to take care of.  Meanwhile the experienced US consultants whom we accompany on their calls serve as our adviser and go-to person when we have concerns with our own clients.  Our internal support in Netsuite does not stop there.  We have an onsite manager who takes care of our needs as we go about our daily tasks.  He ensures that we have our communication tools in excellent condition like our headset, phone, internet connection, webex connection, nice workstation, etc.  We also have a manager that looks after our career path in Netsuite and considers our preferences in terms of gaining knowledge in specific verticals that most interest us.

There are lots of perks that come along with working in Netsuite.  Our pantry has free sandwiches and drinks.  There is food feast every end of the month.  We have team buildings/activities and our parties are held in most prestigious hotels/places in Manila.  As one reaches a specific milestone, monetary reward is given him.  I personally felt that Netsuite deserves to be given an employer of choice award.

After almost a year, I was offered a post in Asia Pacific Team.  That is where I met Marvie and Bek!  We work together in the same team for more than 2 years.  Amazingly, we are now together again in Liberate IT in New Zealand bound together by our common love, interest and knowledge.  That is Netsuite.