We have noticed issues with NetSuite accounts using the Work Order and Assembly module work order and assembly following their 2022.2 upgrade.  There is quite a bit to digest, so if you are using work orders, then please take the time to review the below, as this could impact your business should you not take any action.

Symptom: Component sublist errors are occurring on Work Order builds, resulting in the inability to process Work Order builds from the linked Work Order.

Environments that could be affected: Those using basic BOMs i.e. without Advanced BOMs enabled

NetSuite has advised that the solution to the above issue is to migrate from basic BOMs to Advanced BOMs to resolve the component sublist issue identified above.

How do I know if we are using basic BOMs?

  1. Check the Setup menu – Advanced BOMs will not be enabled under Setup / Company / Enable Features / Items and Inventory


  1. Check an Assembly item to see how the assembly components are displayed.
    1. If using basic BOMs an Assembly item shows the assembly components under the Purchasing / Inventory subtab detailed on the component sublist next to the inventory subtab.

If the above applies, we recommend migrating to Advanced BOMs

b. If using Advanced BOMs the Bill of Materials will be located under the Manufacturing subtab



If the above applies, no further action is required

What will Advanced BOMs give us?

  • Multiple BOMs per assembly item, to support:
    • BOM by Location
    • Outsourced manufacturing BOM vs inhouse manufactured BOM
  • Zero quantity component, to support:
    • Tool or fixture or die component
    • Substitute or alternative components
  • Configurable sublist on Bill of Materials revision component
    • Show BOM header information at component level
    • Link to routing information

Important to Note:

  • Test thoroughly in Sandbox or Release Preview before actioning in production.
  • If Cost Estimate Type = Derived from Member Items the following should be addressed before enabling Advanced BOMs:

An update is required to set the Assemblies’ Cost Estimate Type to one of the below:

  • Average Cost
  • Last Purchase Price
  • Purchase Price
  • Preferred Vendor Rate
  • Purchase Order Rate
  • Item Defined Cost

Steps to enable and test the Advanced BOMs

  1. Double check cost estimate type is not derived from member items
  2. Enable the Advanced Bill of Materials feature under Setup / Company / Enable Features / Items & Inventory


  1. Enable the following feature under Manufacturing Preferences. Note once allow editing of legacy BOMS is enabled the Advanced BOMs feature cannot be disabled.


  1. Check NetSuite has created a Manufacturing subtab on the Item record which contains a Bill of Materials revision (referred to REV1)

  1. Run a smoke test to complete an end to end process which should include the following:
    1. Edit the current revision to change out a component. Save.
    2. Create a work order.
    3. Complete the work order.
    4. Verify stock.

How Liberate I.T. can assist

Should you require a Consultant to support you making the above changes please log a case at Support@liberateit.com noting in the title “Migrating to Advanced BOM”. Please include your upgrade date in the support case message so we can plan sufficient time before you will need the changes made/tested/applied to production.