How safe is my company’s data in the cloud?

Data Security threats have skyrocketed since COVID. With more staff now working from home, employees are no longer in the safety of their office networks. From fake Wi-Fi hubs at cafes, to dropping in anonymously on company zoom calls, hackers have been provided with more vulnerabilities to exploit than ever before.

For NetSuite, the #1 Cloud-Based ERP, world-class security is essential to maintaining consumer trust and market leadership.

NetSuite addresses data security under four major categories:

Physical Network Security

NetSuite monitors their network proactively round the clock through the usage of intrusion detection systems. Third party scans and penetration tests are performed to maintain their 100% International Information System Security Certification. The physical network security is also compliant with the US Bureau of Industry and Security, Department of Commerce Export Encryption.

Database Security

No user ever gets direct access to NetSuite databases. There are three layers that separate data from the NetSuite application. NetSuite also employs the use of virtualised views for development, operations, etc. and when it comes to transferring sensitive data such as credit card numbers for example, NetSuite employs “One Way Hash” encryption.

Application Data Security

NetSuite provides 256-bit encryption for all data as it enters or leaves the NetSuite application. With a strong password policy, 2 factor authentication , IP address restrictions, idle account disconnect and role level access, NetSuite ensures that only the right people can access the necessary information, when necessary.

Data Centre Security

In addition to 24/7 armed guard security, all NetSuite Data Centres have 24/7 surveillance to monitor all human activity and all access points. Speaking of access points – all perimeter doors, windows and access points are constructed with military rated ballistic protection material, meaning that if you’re looking to penetrate a NetSuite Data Centre, you better bring the decepticons with you (But even they wouldn’t make it past the biometric identification system).

One of the major concerns around cloud-based solutions is the security. Many decision makers still adopt the outdated mantra of keeping all their equipment and data on premise. This was traditionally thought to be the safest option. When businesses are hit with floods, fires or theft, localised information and data processing technology is compromised. With this in mind and the innumerable security measures put in place by ERP’s like NetSuite, business owners can rest assured knowing that modern day enterprise solutions are leagues more secure then on-premise systems.