How to Install NetSuite File Drag and Drop.

To install File Drag and Drop, go to Customisation > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.

Use the following information to search for the SuiteApp:

  • Bundle Name: File Drag and Drop
  • Bundle ID: 41309
  • Location: Production (Account ID 3751218)

File Drag and Drop is a managed SuiteApp and is automatically updated whenever there are changes. These issue fixes and enhancements are available after the SuiteApp is updated in your account.

Review of NetSuite File Drag and Drop

This bundle is really simple but it adds the ability to drag and drop any NetSuite compatible files to any record, including custom ones.

After installing the bundle you get taken to a short set up wizard which allows you to choose the records you want to enable the drag and drop feature for.

You also have the ability to set the file structure in the NetSuite File Cabinet where the dragged and dropped files will be saved to.

We suggest you meet with the wider team to confirm the way you want these files stored within the File Cabinet. Depending on the method you choose you can end up with a clean file structure that is easy to manage going forward or a real mess.

We suggest for uploads against things like cases you dump everything into one big folder but for things like uploads against customers and projects you have it create a folder for each specific record.


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