In an implementation, our objective is to merge the best of your processes (the things that make you successful), the best of NetSuite (the things that make it the fastest growing ERP system in the world) and our consultants’ deep NetSuite industry experience.

We also want to give you ownership of your NetSuite system. It’s a shared methodology that sees your NetSuite champion not only trained, but performing much of the implementation. This means they gain a deep understanding of NetSuite and understand why the processes were designed in the particular way they were. And of course, the more your NetSuite Champion performs, the less we need to do – which means the less you pay.

The people you will be working with have worked for Australian and New Zealand companies that use NetSuite themselves. This means that some have even been through an implementation personally, and therefore understand what it’s like from the other side of the table. We feel being able to discuss your processes with an accountant, system administrator or other subject matter expert who has used NetSuite in industry is very important.

NetSuite Implementation

Implementations begin with on-site workshops. Here you will be introduced to your team of consultants who will support you throughout the implementation process. We make sure that everyone is on the same page so that the transition is seamless. From here we will deliver process documentation developed during the workshop. We will also map out a timetable and agree on task ownership with you. During the implementation you will have direct contact with your primary consultant and project manager to ensure the project stays on track and any risk factors are identified and mitigated.

Successful implementations are a perfect mix of our industry experience, your core team’s knowledge of your business and your NetSuite champion.

NetSuite New Zealand

Our Delivery Process

Our philosophy is to do it once and do it right. We believe that bringing together two knowledge bases creates strong capability.  Implementation kicks off with a workshop which involves a scoping exercise to determine high-level processes and functionality requirements, integrations, major gaps, roll-out strategy, phase confirmation and task sharing.

NetSuite Implementation process Liberate IT


The NetSuite Champion

Your NetSuite champion is you point person who will be full time on the project,  involved in most process decisions,  will understand the reporting and administrative aspects of NetSuite, and will lead the user testing.  The are responsible for the overall data migration strategy, including extraction from legacy systems, cleansing, uploading into NetSuite. Post-implementation, the NetSuite Champion will be your internal resource to act as first-line support and to further leverage NetSuite as the business grows and changes.   They will be trained during the project and given specific tasks around systems administration, testing, dashboard and reporting design, liaison with NetSuite support. They are fundamental to your implementation success so be sure to chose your NetSuite Implementation Champion wisely.

Transitioning from Implementation to Support and Optimisation

When the big day comes and you’re ready to go live, we understand from experience the pressures involved. Everything will have been conducted via User Acceptance Testing and staff training to ensure all processes are robust. Liberate also layer a HyperCare model onto this period, so for the next 6 weeks (until the month end processes are run) your company enjoys a special support status within Liberate I.T. Everyone, from the other consultants, support staff and solution consultants will be hyper-aware that you’ve just gone live, and will be ready to jump in to solve any queries that may arise.