Since October 2020 NetStuite have been offering one free Learning Cloud Support (LCS) pass for all customers who have purchased NetSuite or who are renewing after this time.  The team here at Liberate I.T. use this resource ourselves, and we find it a great tool to refine our skills and learn new features of Netsuite.  As a reminder, here is a link to what this includes and the courses available.  This pass is free and is available to one user within each business.

In recognising that for many businesses they would like more people to get access to this tool, NetSuite have created a Company-wide LCS pass for one price, regardless of the number of employees in the business.  Here is a little of what NetSuite say about the new Company Pass.

The NetSuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS) Company Pass provides subscription-based training that allows all your NetSuite users to easily and cost-effectively engage in continuous learning. LCS Company Pass incorporates multiple learning styles, such as on-demand eLearning courses, hands-on lab exercises, interactive webinars and training support, to help users at all levels improve their knowledge and self-sufficiency.

On-demand Courses

  • eLearning. Unlimited access to over 1,000 hours’ worth of courseware anytime, anywhere
  • Role-based Curriculums. Quickly ramp project teams into their roles with prescriptive coursework.
  • End User Tutorials. Accelerate end user readiness with task-based guides.
  • Ask the Instructor. Get assistance from a product expert if you have course content questions.


Online Webinars (exclusive to the Company Pass)

  • Leading Practices. Participate in expert-led educational webinars that include product walkthroughs, solution optimizations and interactive discussions.
  • New Feature Enablement. Stay up to date with new NetSuite releases that can enhance your business processes.


Hands-on Labs and Resources

  • Lab Environments. Practice without risk to build skills and confidence before working within your production environment.
  • Reference Materials. Validate your knowledge and improve retention with downloadable training resources.
  • NetSuite Certification Exam Preparation. Review prep materials to reinforce your product understanding before the big test.


Pricing is based on the Edition of NetSuite that you are on and starts at $6,120 NZD p.a. which applies to the majority of LiberateIT’s customers.

If you might be interested in investigating this further, please contact Andrew Linegar who will be able to take you through the process of obtaining the pass and confirm pricing for you.