In business, change is the only constant. Your business continually changes – there’s the new innovations that will keep you out in front of your competitors, plus reacting to all sorts of external factors.

To keep your processes streamlined, it is imperative that your enterprise resource planning system advances as your business changes. That’s why it is so important to do regular NetSuite optimisation sessions with your ERP partner.

To get the greatest return on your investment in any enterprise resource planning system, it needs to be flexible enough to change as your business changes. Through any implementation, we’re passionate about passing knowledge over to our customers. We strongly believe enterprise resource planning systems work best when there is in-house capability to drive physical and system process changes. And the great thing about NetSuite is that most process changes can be performed in-house, significantly cutting the running costs of your enterprise resource planning system.

We also realise that some changes are too big to tackle by yourself, so we have a specialist team to design and deliver optimisation projects. That is, working on NetSuite systems that are already up and running. This assistance may be as ‘light touch’ as helping your NetSuite Champion to design some new processes, and give them pointers on the best way to go about building the change. It could also be a full-on Liberate-run project. It all depends on what you need.

NetSuite optimisation to us also means visiting all our customers for no charge on a regular basis to review how they are running NetSuite and make recommendations for improvements. As well as process improvements within NetSuite, we also look for any areas where manual processes like Excel spreadsheets or, even worse, hand-written forms have crept into their processes. We’re thrilled to show or explain to each customer’s NetSuite Champion how to go about introducing improvements. Or if they wish, we can do it for them.