Generating customer statements in a timely manner is critical to ensuring that outstanding accounts receivable is paid when due. The current Print Statements page in NetSuite has a restriction where only 100 statements can be sent out at a time, which can make the task rather cumbersome and time consuming if the number of customers are significant. Furthermore, the email template used when sending out bulk statements is currently not customisable, thus opening up the possibility of the emails being marked as spam, and not reach their intended recipient. This can result in a delay of payments and customer disputes.

We have developed a custom suitelet called the Customer Statement Generator which overcomes these issues and allows you to attach a customised email template and send all customer statements with one click (up to 4,000).

The layout of the suitelet is similar to the native function where you can

  • specify Statement Date and Start Date (for displaying Balance Forward)
  • Restrict by Group (based on selected criteria for dynamic customer groups e.g. customers where the Send Preference = Email)
  • Include Zero Balances
  • Show Only Open Transactions
  • Print Consolidated Statement.

In addition to this, you can also

  • email the customers as well as print simultaneously
  • select a customised email template
  • select All customers, or Select one tab at a time
  • search for a customer to print an individual statement.

Please get in touch with us by emailing if you would like to know more.