A step by step guide on how to set up the Subsidiary Navigator feature in NetSuite.

How to Install Subsidiary Navigator

To install Subsidiary Navigator, go to Customisation > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.

Use the following information to search for the SuiteApp:

  • Bundle Name: Subsidiary Navigator
  • Bundle ID: 44281
  • Location: Production (Account ID 3802169)

How to set up NetSuite Subsidiary Navigator:

  • From your dashboard, click Personalise.
  • You can set up Subsidiary Navigator as a Dashboard SuiteApp or as a custom portlet.

To set up Subsidiary Navigator as a dashboard SuiteApp, go to the Dashboard SuiteApps section, and then click the Subsidiary Navigator icon. The Subsidiary Navigator portlet will be added to the dashboard.

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To set up Subsidiary Navigator as a custom portlet:

  • Go to the Standard Content section, and then click the Custom Portlet icon.
  • On the Custom Portlet, click the Set Up
  • On the Source field, select Subsidiary Navigator from the list.
  • Click Save.

Review of  NetSuite Subsidiary Navigator

This one is super simple but it’s a game-changer for multi-subsidiary OneWorld organisations.

Subsidiary Navigator gives you an interact-able custom portlet on your NetSuite Dashboard that shows you your subsidiary structure in a roll-up.

When you click on a specific subsidiary it sets your current Dashboard metrics to show just those from that subsidiary.

This allows you to quickly set your Dashboard context to any of your business units, a roll-up of those business units, or your business as a whole.

Clicking a subsidiary on the Subsidiary Navigator updates your KPI’s, Saved Searches, and Reminders in your Dashboard to reflect just that business unit or roll-up.

We always recommend that SuiteApp be installed, configured, and trained on for a OneWorld user.


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