The first NetSuite upgrade of 2016 will be occurring over multiple week-ends for all New Zealand sites during March and early April.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to take half an hour and go through the upgrade portlet. If you’ve removed the upgrade portlet from your home page, you’ll find it in the Support tab.
Activities you should do:

  • Calendar the date of your upgrade
  • Watch the 2016.1 Overview video
  • Read the release notes
  • Read the Release Review Test Plan
  • Check you can log into your Release Review system (this is a cut of your system as at a few weeks ago operating in the new version). Note if you weren’t a user on the production system when the cut was taken, you won’t be a user on the beta system.

The next step is to formulate a testing regime. This is particularly relevant in areas where scripts and workflows are operating, but having said that, all processes should be tested. In our experience, in each upgrade there are only a small minority of customers who have to adapt their processes to the new version, and usually these are minor issues; nether the less everyone should run a testing regime.
As always, just before each upgrade, Liberate I.T. will be hosting a NetSuite User Group. This is in Auckland on Tuesday 23 February 1pm to 5pm.
The user groups are an opportunity to meet other NetSuite users, find out what’s coming up in the new release, get some free training plus discuss with Liberate’s Consultants the best practice for ensuring your NetSuite system is ready for the upgrade.