NetSuite has two major releases each year, and every new major version of NetSuite contains hundreds of great new features and bug fixes, which we thoroughly test for many months before providing you with access to the new version in Release Preview accounts.

However, every NetSuite customer’s account is unique. Each customer has their own unique combination of features, company settings, bundles, customisations, and data. Your Release Preview account allows for critical pre-upgrade testing and new feature previewing that help ensure a seamless upgrade.

Your Release Preview account is a full copy of your Production account which can be used to verify that all of your critical processes perform as expected with the upgrade to NetSuite version 2021.1. We recommend that everyone, but especially those with customisations in their Production accounts, take advantage of Release Preview. The Release Preview Guide in the New Release portlet contains all the information you will need to plan and execute testing in your Release Preview Account.

In addition to testing, the Release Preview allows you to get an early introduction to the new features included in the upgrade and see how they perform in a copy of your account.

To request your Release Preview account, Administrators should go to Setup > Company > Release Preview and click the Request Release Preview button. The requester will receive an email notification when the Release Preview account is ready to use.

The Release Preview gives you the opportunity to verify that your existing business workflows function as expected before your production account is upgraded to the new NetSuite release. You can also use this account to become familiar with the new features in the upcoming NetSuite release. To find your upgrade date and other helpful resources, go to the New Release portlet on your Home page.

Release 2021.1 information will be available in the New Release Portlet on your NetSuite dashboard. The portlet includes:

  • Your Production Upgrade Date
  • Sneak Peek Release Highlights
  • Release Notes
  • Release Preview information and a Test Plan template
  • New Release Training Resources

If you close the New Release Portlet, you can easily restore it by clicking the ‘Personalize’ link on the Home tab of your NetSuite account and clicking ‘New Release’ icon in the Standard Content.

The goal is to provide a smooth and seamless transition to a new release. By leveraging your available Release Preview account, and taking advantage of other guidance NetSuite provides, you will avoid any major problems or surprises when you go live with the new version.

How to Request and Access Your Release Preview Account

If you would like to take advantage of the free Release Preview access period, please opt-in so you can prepare and become familiar with the new NetSuite capabilities. To opt-in, administrators should log in to their production account and go to Setup > Company > Release Preview. Click Request Release Preview, and your Release Preview account will be available for testing within 3-5 days.

To access your Release Preview, log in to your production account, and from the Choose Role page or the Change Role drop down, select the role associated with your Release Preview account type. You are now ready to start testing!

Leveraging your Release Preview Account

Take this opportunity to test your existing business-critical processes on the new release. It is extremely important to ensure that your business continues to operate smoothly following the new release. It’s especially important to test if you have customisations or unique configurations in your NetSuite account.

Key testing tips:

  • Use the same roles as end users would in production to test processes in Release Preview accounts.
  • Use the Release Preview Test Plan template, or leverage your Advanced Customer Support team, NetSuite Professional Services, or Certified NetSuite Partner services to help design, build and execute a test plan for you. Contact your NetSuite Account Manager with any questions on how to take advantage of these services.
  • Log any issues you encounter by Reporting Release Preview Issues from your Production account.