A number of our customers are closed or offering reduced services during the Covid-19 lockdown and may find their employees have time available to optimise NetSuite. Get them thinking of new features or functionality you haven’t had time to explore or those pain points that need someone to take a look and scope the what/why/what can be done.

Liberate I.T. is working as normal, continuing with our implementations and supporting customers (with a slight twist having kids and partners underfoot). This means our Consultants are available to scope and define your requirements via online sessions. Liberate I.T. will perform these scoping sessions free of charge and provide a priced estimate of the scoped work for approval.

Should you wish to go ahead and capitalise on the downtime we can look at discounted consulting rates plus an extended payment plan. We understand cashflow is tight but we will do what we can to de-risk you to taking advantage of having employees with time to focus on process improvements.