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Our solutions work, or we don’t sell them to you. Liberate I.T. has built itself on this ethos, and takes pride in upholding it. Our senior solution consultants work with you from the start to make sure that however we proceed, it will add significant value to your business. We will consult with you free of charge until we have a thorough understanding of your needs, your current processes, and your future requirements. Only after doing this will we offer you a proposal, taking into account all that we have learned.

We start with a discovery session between you and our senior staff. This drills into the deeper levels of what you’re looking for, and what we can offer to match that need. From here, one of our sales consultants will be able to give you a ball-park estimate to licence and implement NetSuite. This consultant will become your day to day point of contact. Having this central person, as well as the estimate early, means there are no surprises around the numbers down the track.

Next there is an on-site demonstration. This will include an overview of the system, before showing the specific elements that relate to your business goals. This will give you a snapshot of how NetSuite could feasibly operate within your day to day processes. This is not only to show how useful NetSuite can be, but also to engage with feedback, and ensure that our ideas are aligning with yours. This is a collaborative process.


In an implementation, our objective is to merge the best of your processes (the things that make you successful), the best of NetSuite (the things that make it the fastest growing ERP system in the world) and our consultants’ deep NetSuite industry experience.

We also want to give you ownership of your NetSuite system. It’s a shared methodology that sees your NetSuite champion not only trained, but performing much of the implementation. This means they gain a deep understanding of NetSuite and understand why the processes were designed in the particular way they were. And of course, the more your NetSuite Champion performs, the less we need to do – which means the less you pay.

The people you will be working with have worked for Australian and New Zealand companies that use NetSuite themselves. This means that some have even been through an implementation personally, and therefore understand what it’s like from the other side of the table. We feel being able to discuss your processes with an accountant, system administrator or other subject matter expert who has used NetSuite in industry is very important.

Implementations begin with on-site workshops. Here you will be introduced to your team of consultants who will support you throughout the implementation process. We make sure that everyone is on the same page so that the transition is seamless. From here we will deliver process documentation developed during the workshop. We will also map out a timetable and agree on task ownership with you. During the implementation you will have direct contact with your primary consultant and project manager to ensure the project stays on track and any risk factors are identified and mitigated.

When the big day comes and you’re ready to go live, we understand from experience the pressures involved. Everything will have been conducted via User Acceptance Testing and staff training to ensure all processes are robust. Liberate also layer a HyperCare model onto this period, so for the next 6 weeks (until the month end processes are run) your company enjoys a special support status within Liberate. Everyone, from the other consultants, support staff and solutioning consultants will be hyper-aware that you’ve just gone live, and will be ready to jump in to solve any queries that may arise.


We work with you to automate repetitive tasks, and to set up the functionality that will most benefit your specific business requirements. This is made up of four key components:

Custom fields, custom forms, and custom records

These are easy to create, and allow for a lot of flexibility in the system. We train your champion in how to effectively utilise these functions, to maximise your benefit from the system we’re collaboratively building. It is our belief that with the right support, our customers can set these up and manage them themselves, meaning that they get a lot of control over their final solution.

Workflow automations

We help you to automate simple procedures, to ease stress within your business practice. Our consultants will identify the needs for, and work with you to create these automations during the implementation process. It is our hope that as your confidence with using the system grows, so will your control over these workflows. For a full three months after going live we provide free support in making this happen. This sets you up for success, in being able to continually streamline your system and get the most possible out of it.


Scripts get written when gaps are identified in the standard NetSuite system. One of our Solutions Consultants will design and document the new functionality, and once you’re happy with the direction, we will then oversee one of our NetSuite scripters to develop and provision the solution. We will provide you with documentation for each script solution, so that you have a detailed outline of everything surrounding this process, and how to use it effectively.


NetSuite comes armed with a large toolbox for integrating with other systems. Whether you’re using an EDI, ODBC or API based integration, we work to ensure NetSuite communicates effectively. We have made this work for 3PLs, vendors, customers, third party websites, CRM systems, and many more. We have the technology!


Many people think of training as getting everyone up to speed just before go live. But training, for your NetSuite Champions, starts on day one. We believe that training should be organic and that every time we’re doing something in the system with your staff, this is an opportunity to pass information over. If we can get your people hands-on during the system set-up, assisting entering information and designing forms and the like, the less need there is for formal training sessions just before go live.

If we can get your people hands-on during the system set-up, with the senior technical users actively involved with the configuration and other users testing new transactional processes, then there is less need for formal training sessions just before go live.

We also strongly emphasise having users involved in UAT in the weeks leading up to the go-live, making sure everyone is prepped and ready to go. This allows for any final details to be ironed out that may arise during the training process. NetSuite is so flexible, process alternations can be made by administrators literally on the fly.

Training manuals are another important resource. Our consultants always recommend that customers create a training manual to provide a go to resource for new users. This also provides the basis of your process documentation.

NetSuite comes to the party as well. Backing up Liberate’s customer-specific training, NetSuite provides a plethora of virtual generic training courses to free online manuals and videos. Anyone with a NetSuite log-in can post questions and contribute to discussion boards on NetSuite’s worldwide user group.


Backing up our consultants are our NetSuite support gurus. Liberate has gone to the centre of NetSuite excellence itself, their Worldwide Support and Remote Implementation centre in the Philippines. Some of our technical gurus were early employees with NetSuite 10 years ago before moving to Liberate.

Our support structure is designed to reflect the wide range of approaches our customers use in maintaining their NetSuite systems. Whether you need ad-hoc assistance or an ongoing support plan, we have highly qualified and motivated staff ready to look after you.

There are three key support options available, and during the go-live process we will help you identify which of these is the most appropriate for you. Support at Liberate goes beyond simply fixing bugs or transaction issues. Our NetSuite gurus are trained to identify where processes could be optimised and work closely with the optimisation consultants to create efficiencies in your processes. We’re all on the same team, and we want you to be as successful with your NetSuite system as possible.

Liberate I.T. runs a formal case management system (on NetSuite of course) for call logging, which allows 24/7 access to closed and ongoing cases. You will also be notified via email on any updates as the cases progress.


In business, change is the only constant. Your business continually changes – there’s the new innovations that will keep you out in front of your competitors, plus reacting to all sorts of external factors. To keep your processes streamlined, it is imperative that your ERP system advances as your business changes.

To get the greatest return on your investment in any ERP system, it needs to be flexible enough to change as your business changes. Through any implementation, we’re passionate about passing knowledge over to our customers. We strongly believe ERP systems work best when there is in-house capability to drive physical and system process changes. And the great thing about NetSuite is that most process changes can be performed in-house, significantly cutting the running costs of your ERP system.

We also realise that some changes are too big to tackle by yourself, so we have a specialist team to design and deliver optimisation projects. That is, working on NetSuite systems that are already up and running. This assistance may be as ‘light touch’ as helping your NetSuite Champion to design some new processes, and give them pointers on the best way to go about building the change. It could also be a full-on Liberate-run project. It all depends on what you need.

Optimisation to us also means visiting all our customers for no charge on a regular basis to review how they are running NetSuite and make recommendations for improvements. As well as process improvements within NetSuite, we also look for any areas where manual processes like Excel spreadsheets or, even worse, hand-written forms have crept into their processes. We’re thrilled to show or explain to each customer’s NetSuite Champion how to go about introducing improvements. Or if they wish, we can do it for them.

We come recommended.

By gaining an in-depth understanding of your business goals, our team will work to uncover exactly what’s holding you back, and then tailor a NetSuite solution to meet your unique needs.

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It has been a pleasure working with Liberate I.T. over the past 10 years. They have great capabilities across NetSuite implementation and consultation, and helped us modernise and transform some very old-fashioned and dysfunctional business processes.


Craig Pinker


Liberate I.T. provided excellent training so we could carry out our NetSuite implementation. The knowledge and experienced team were quick to understand our business requirements and offer us the most relevant NetSuite advice so we were up and running as seamlessly as possible.


Marina Hirst Tristram

Tasman Bay Food Group

We needed a tool that was powerful and versatile enough to handle demand planning, warehouse management, that had freedom of ease for customisation – and was able to bring the full staff to the system regardless of whether they were on or off site. We knew Liberate I.T. and NetSuite could deliver.


Claire Harney


As we went through the process of selecting a replacement ERP solution for our growing business, NetSuite and Liberate I.T. came out consistently on top. The architecture that’s built for the internet stood out – as did the desire by Oracle NetSuite to be number one in their category.


Andrew White


What our clients are saying

As we went through the process of selecting a replacement ERP solution for our growing business Netsuite and Liberate I.T came out consistently on top. Liberate I.T were our preferred vendor as they live and breathe Netsuite and have done so for ten years.

Andrew White

You made the whole project an enjoyable and exciting experience that has been key in moving the business forward in leaps and bounds!

Murray Sellars
Packline Solutions

The change over from old program to NetSuite was made easy by their vast knowledge and being able to adapt the program to our style of business and recommend changes to save time. 

Lyn Chapman
Prestige Produce

They ensured our implementation of JCurve/NetSuite was seamless to our customers and since the cut-over has continued to assist us with progressively expanding the NetSuite capabilities within our company.

Peter Davis
Point to Point Distribution

Liberate I.T. has the unique characteristics of in-depth understanding of the NetSuite application and business process to offer businesses an optimal system for their business to operate. They are quick to identify and interpret needs and have a broad and practical experience to know what works.

Lucas Vear
Viatek Pty Ltd

I've worked closely with these guys for over 3 years now and would recommend them highly. Everyone takes a keen interest in finding the right solution for our needs, which is a feat, considering our needs are far from 'generic'.

Joshua Brownlie
Bulleen Screens

Liberate IT have helped shape our company's future direction with their thorough understanding and professional implementation of our NetSuite package. Highly recommend.

Julian Smith
Nationwide Waste

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