NetSuite is pleased to announce that we are ready to begin providing customers with access to our newest product version, Release Preview 2023.1.

How to access the 2023.1 release preview account

As with previous releases, customer accounts will be upgraded to Release 2023.1 over the next three months. The first production account upgrades are scheduled to begin in the middle of February, with the final upgrades occurring in the middle of April.

Please take advantage of your free 2023.1 Release Preview account. Your Release Preview account allows for critical pre-upgrade testing and new feature previewing that help ensure a seamless upgrade.

Your Release Preview account is a full copy of your production account which can be used to verify that all of your critical processes perform as expected with the upgrade to NetSuite version 2023.1. We recommend that everyone, but especially those with customizations in their Production accounts, take advantage of Release Preview. The Release Preview Guide in the New Release portlet contains all the information you will need to plan and execute testing in your Release Preview Account. In addition to testing, the Release Preview allows you to get an early introduction to the new features included in the upgrade and see how they perform in a copy of your account.

To request your Release Preview account, Administrators should go to Setup > Company > Release Preview and click the Request Release Preview button. Your NetSuite Administrators will receive an email notification when your Release Preview account is ready to use.

If you require assistance or more information, please contact Support.