The following tips are useful keyboard shortcuts you can use in NetSuite to improve your daily efficiency.

  • Searching All Data in Your Account
    You can press Alt+G to move the cursor directly to the Global Search field.


  •  Entering Data and Completing Forms
    Use these shortcuts to complete and edit data on forms and records:
    · Press and hold Alt and type a letter to move to a subtab.
    · In transaction headers, press Enter to save the transaction.
    · On a transaction line, press Enter to save the line and go to the next line.
    · Press Tab to move the cursor between fields and buttons.
    · Use the Spacebar to check or clear a check box.
    · In Amount fields, enter numbers to calculate by addition or subtraction.For example, enter 10 + 15 to calculate a total amount.
    · Press and hold Ctrl and click with your mouse to select multiple choices in a list.


  • Date Fields
    In date fields, use the following keyboard shortcuts to change dates:
    · Press Shift+T to enter tomorrow’s date.
    · Press p to enter the end of the current period (if you use accounting periods).
    · Press l (lower case L) to enter the end of the previous period (if you use accounting periods).
    · Press t to enter today’s date.
    · Press y to enter yesterday’s date.
    · Press m to enter the last day of the month.
    · Press the Plus Sign (+) to increase one day.
    · Press the Minus Sign (-) to decrease one day.


  • Viewing Reports
    When viewing reports, you can do the following:
    · Press Page Up to go to the previous page of a report.
    · Press Page Down to go to the next page of a report.
    · Press Home to go to the first page of a report.
    · Press End to go to the last page of a report.


  • Filtering Search Results
    When working with search results filters, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:
    · Use the Tab key to navigate between filters.
    · Use the Down Arrow key or the Up Arrow key to select an option from a filter dropdown list.
    · When typing a value into a filter field, use the Tab key to apply the value.Please note that pressing Enter does not apply the filter value.