Want to make your NetSuite solution work harder for you? Here are just a few NetSuite customisations your implementation partner can make to optimise your day to day operations.

NetSuite Customisations

NetSuite customisations help you to automate repetitive tasks, and to set up the functionality that will most benefit your specific business requirements. This is made up of four key components:

Custom fields, forms, and records

Custom fields, forms and records are easiest NetSuite customisations to create, and allow for a lot of flexibility in the system. We train your champion in how to effectively utilise these functions, to maximise your benefit from the system we’re collaboratively building. It is our belief that with the right support, our customers can set these up and manage them themselves, meaning that they get a lot of control over their final solution.

Custom Scripting

Scripts get written when gaps are identified in the standard NetSuite system. One of our Solution Consultants will design and document the new functionality, and once you’re happy with the direction, we will then oversee one of our NetSuite scripters to develop and provision the custom solution. We will provide you with documentation for each script solution, so that you have a detailed outline of everything surrounding this process, and how to use it effectively.

Workflow automations

We help you to automate simple procedures, to ease stress within your business practice. Our consultants will identify the needs for, and work with you to create these automations during the implementation process. It is our hope that as your confidence with using the system grows, so will your control over these workflows. For a full three months after going live we provide free support in making this happen. This sets you up for success, in being able to continually streamline your system with more NetSuite customisations to get the most possible out of your solution.


NetSuite comes armed with a large toolbox for integrating with other systems. Whether you’re using an EDI, ODBC or API based integration, we work to ensure NetSuite communicates effectively. We have made this work for 3PLs, vendors, customers, third party websites, CRM systems, and many more. We have the technology!