NetSuite Email Alerts allows users to stay updated with their dashboards without having to login to NetSuite. This needs to be done individually by every end user who would like the feature as the setup is available only on the user’s “Set Preferences” page.

Types of NetSuite Email Alerts

Netsuite provides 2 types of email alerts:

  • A Daily Facts notification that can be sent thrice a day.
    • This includes information from the users’ events, reminders, KPI’s & standard report snapshots.
    • Dashboards should be visible & not minimised to be included in the email alert.
    • Custom & Sales Management report snapshots are not included.
    • User’s role should have the right permissions for their dashboard portlets.
    • opt for on demand alerts thus not limiting your email alerts to just 3 per day.
  • Users can also opt to receive email updates when information on their selected saved searches changes.


Steps to Setup Email Alerts

Note: This needs to be done by each user wanting the functionality


  1. Go to Home – > Set Preferences
  2. Click on the alerts tab.
  3. User can opt to choose up to 3 different timings to receive your NetSuite email alerts.
    alert preference - NetSuite email alerts
  4. The include links in html alerts enables users to open their account to the relevant information from an email.
  5. Respect Quick date portlet settings this preference allows email alert results to be based on the date selected in your dashboard’s Quick Date Selector portlet. By default, this preference is enabled. You can click on the box to clear it, so that email alert results can be based on a different date.
  6. Select the preferred email to receive these alerts with the Email dropdown box.
  7. Users can opt to receive on demand email alerts by emailing
    Note: Please use the email address you use to login to NetSuite while sending this email.
  8. Users can add up to 5 saved searches of their choice that they would like to receive updates on when any information changes.
    1. Select the record type.
    2. Select the search name (Search must be setup with the “available as alert” box checked, which can only be done by admins.)
    3. Check the “Send on Update” box to receive alerts when information is added/updated.
  9. Once you are happy with the setup, Save the page.
  10. A test email can also be sent from this page to have an idea of how the NetSuite email alert would look.


Example Alert

Shown below is an example of how a NetSuite email alert could look. Users can reply to these emails to receive an updated version of their dashboards at any time.

example alert - NetSuite email alerts

This guide details all steps required to setup a user’s NetSuite email alerts. Please reach out to or your project consultants if you require any help with this for your account.

Additional resources: Receiving Alerts.