Whether it’s a new employee that needs to be trained in NetSuite, re-educating old users, or a company that recently bought NetSuite, the benefits are not realised immediately or do not materialise until the users fully embrace and are productive with the new processes and applications.Below are some tips to accelerate the time period and even make it as short as possible.

  • Define Productivity. Clearly define productivity right at the beginning and ensure you are consistent. Set goals that are attainable and measurable.
  • Identify Training Needs. Management may think training as a luxury, not a competitive and strategic necessity. “What if we train our employees and they leave?” they ask. Well, what if you don’t train them and they stay?

Training is more than just building the skills and knowledge of each individual of your team for their own personal benefit. The lower your turnover rate, the more productive, enthusiastic and motivated your workforce.

  • Get a Mentor. Train the trainer is good learning technique to adopt by the companies that teaches students to be teachers themselves. This is the most cost-effective way to train all your employees. And who would not tend to pay attention in class when they know that next time they’ll be the instructor!

Liberate I.T. is also offering free webinar courses every fortnight to begin the ramping up your employees.

  • Apply Skills Learned. Encourage immediate, rehttps://liberateit.com/netsuite-new-zealand-events/netsuite-product-tour/al-life application of skills and knowledge to help strengthen newfound information.