Sticky Notes lets you put virtual Post-It Notes on any NetSuite record or field on a NetSuite Record.

How to Install Sticky Notes

To install Sticky Notes, go to Customisation > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.

Use the following information to search for the SuiteApp:

  • Bundle Name: StickyNotes
  • Bundle ID: 49018
  • Location: Production (Account ID 3849685)

The Sticky Notes tools are available at Setup > Customisation > StickyNotes Setup.


Review of Sticky Notes

It’s great for allowing you to save yourself a note or tag one of your colleagues in a note.

All Sticky Notes can be viewed and managed from the Sticky Notes Suitelet Board that is also added by the SuiteApp.

Once the note is no longer needed it’s then easy to mark it done or “throw out” the sticky by removing it.

Worth noting in our experience, this is one of those SuiteApps, while very useful, CAN be a performance drain on a NetSuite account.

We recommend not using StickyNotes to hold information that is permanent or needs to be referenced for long periods of time.

Sticky Notes are meant for an “instant message” like FYI or “do not forget” type of thing for yourself or something you want a colleague to take note of.