Following the success of our recent webinar about inventory management tools, we created a bundle containing the following saved searches and custom reports which will aid your organisation to gain better visibility and control over inventory and your supply chain.

This bundle comes at a one time cost of $600. Please contact Liberate I.T. Support to log a case with the following subject line “Tools to Manage your Inventory” and our team will deploy these useful inventory management tools to your NetSuite account.

1. Accrued purchases
  • Saved search version of the NetSuite standard Accrued Purchases report
  • Adds additional filtering where lines that require no action can be filtered out e.g. where PO = IR = vendor bill
  • Used to highlight and research qty and value variances posted to the Accrued Purchases GL account on the balance sheet

2. Warehouse committed orders – monitor order status through the warehouse
  • Highlight orders in green where all lines ready to pick
  • Where RF Smart is implemented this search validates the pick filters to confirm correct order status
3. Tracking Report – details Sales Order and related Item Fulfilment and Purchase Order transactions
  • Dispatch & tracking info.
  • Serial numbers if applicable
4. Receipts Inwards Report – analyses by location and date
  • Item Receipts & PO ref
  • Qty & Value
  • Serial no. if applicable
5. Backorders – details a combination of Sales & Purchase transactions on backorder
  • Highlights those transactions older than one month
6. Item last used – use to review current slow moving inventory
  • Date created
  • Last used
  • SOH
  • Value
  • Flagged if inactive
7. SOH vs Bin report – matches location ID to bin location ID
  • Location qty compared to total bins
  • Monitoring for :
  • Mis-match
  • Items in blank locations – requiring bin put-away
  • Negative bins
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