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Scalability without compromise.

TransNet began as a one-man band with one simple mission: to create the best possible power network on offer in Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s no surprise that TransNet has since acquired rapid growth in its first decade of operation, now sourcing some of the best quality electrical products in the country for big names in Rail, Transmission, Electrical Distribution and Wholesale.

Today, TransNet remains a humble family-owned company – and one of the largest suppliers in Australasia, leading the way with new and diverse electrical technologies for every overground, underground, household and EV charging solution.

Now a team of 80+ operating across New Zealand, China and Tonga, TransNet still repels the corporate mentality. They are a walking demonstration of growth without compromise, with an average employee tenure north of 10 years, and a workforce that is as close as it gets to family. You only need to look to CFO Fadi Kourkgy, and day-to-day finance and NetSuite administrator David Chesterfield to find out why.

Key Customer Wins

  • Lockdown-proof, cloud-based operations

  • Data clarity and insights on demand

  • Impressive forecasting metrics for better pipeline management

  • Never-before seen capabilities with API integrations (with third party software)

  • Automated and streamlined day-to-day actions

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A true organisation-wide solution

“NetSuite is one total tool. Website, accounting, inventory – all working together. We soon found the benefits of that.”

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Liberate I.T. customer case study - TransNet

Why TransNet chose NetSuite ERP

When TransNet encountered rapid growth at the 10-year mark, around 2010, what began as an unrelenting need for ‘a few changes’ to their accounting software quickly became a very long list of system-wide modifications.

TransNet had been using a non-cloud-based ERP software since 2014, which had served their needs at the time. The system ticked all the initial TransNet boxes, making those few changes as and when they were needed with relative ease. The problem? The functionality didn’t grow with the business, or with the unpredictable changes in the way we do businesses in recent years.

A Covid-sized spanner in the works made working remotely almost impossible with their existing system, which was slow and impractical to load VPN capabilities for distance working. Previously the team’s senior members were resistant to going to the cloud. “Even I was anti-cloud at that time; I felt like it was my data, my rules,” says Fadi. “But we needed something that could handle if we weren’t on-premises.”

The TransNet team knew they needed an all-encompassing, cloud-based system to integrate ordering, warehousing and sales. NetSuite and Liberate I.T. were an obvious choice. The only additional condition they set for the change process was a self-imposed six-month deadline.

Key Benefits of NetSuite

Freed from the rigidity of their earlier system, David and the team were amazed at the automation of their day-to-day actions that otherwise ate up their valuable time. With all operations now housed in one place, if an action can’t be automated, then it can certainly be streamlined, and better yet, made user-friendly company wide.

With add-on system functionality designed to suit TransNet’s growing business needs, the team has seen increased data visibility that’s helped the business grow and refine its operations further. Easily displayed on an Excel spreadsheet and mapped into graphs, TransNet were able to play with their metric’s and forecast for the future.

“Our sales team is much more engaged now. They have better access to the underlying data to then have better discussions and make decisions based on that,” says David

Perhaps most importantly, NetSuite has made working remotely a seamless experience for those who still prefer the luxury, making the way TransNet do business more adaptable and compatible with life than ever before.

“Having seen NetSuite at different organisations, I had a good idea of what did and didn’t work. We had to take learnings and best practices and adapt them to TransNet while avoiding dead ends,” he adds.

disaster proof cloud access

Disaster-proof cloud access

NetSuite ensures management and staff retain access to up-to-date data no matter what the situation – from earthquakes to COVID-19 lockdowns.

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As a company like Transquip continues to expand, they need a scalable system that can support them in their changing needs – like NetSuite.

Data on demand

NetSuite allows Transquip’s management to make informed decisions – no more chasing up other parties for more info.

Partnering with Liberate I.T.

“The Liberate I.T. team were patient, showed us the product, gave us a chance to play with it, and we spent a month making a decision,” explains David. “It was a big change to move from our old system – and Liberate I.T. helped us feel confident that we were making the right choice for us.”

“Our consultant Paul has always been willing to go above and beyond to give the best possible experience. Nothing has been too big or too great for Liberate I.T.; they find a way to make it work, even with our weird business requirements,” adds David.

Liberate I.T. were able to help TransNet and their NetSuite system meet in the middle, closing the gaps between its capabilities and their current ways of working. For this reason, Fadi and the team were prepared to cooperate and compromise, or as they like to call it ‘an eyes-wide-open approach’.

“They did a one-day scoping exercise with two to three consultants at a time, identifying gaps between what we currently do and how NetSuite operates. That’s a full-on interrogation, but it was definitely worth it. They walk you through the steps and get each division involved – the finance guys, sales, warehousing… everyone adding to the project so that it would work for everyone.”

With an ongoing cycle of improvement and innovation, TransNet have the confidence that as their business continues to grow and evolve, so will their NetSuite system with the guidance of the Liberate I.T. team.

transnet case study

The possibilities for improvement are endless.

We know that we can get more systems talking to NetSuite and make the work a bit easier. The possibilities for improvement are endless.

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Liberate I.T. have grown with us over the last five years – and from strength to strength in terms of resources. They’re a partner that you can send everything to, from random left field questions to your big lofty goals – and they’ll tell you honestly whether they’re good ideas or not! 


Mel Otto


Liberate I.T. really understood our business and how to customise the NetSuite system as we needed. They offered elements that we knew we needed, but hadn’t thought of – like multiple currencies. We still chat with our Liberate I.T. team weekly about bits and bobs, assistance and tweaking.


Heather Richards


Liberate I.T and NetSuite were right for us, for our needs and for our size. Our previous solution’s steps were out of order, so it created a lot more work at the other end. NetSuite enabled us to focus on proper throughput – it’s helped us reflect on and improve our manufacturing processes too.


Shaun Veldman


It has been a pleasure working with Liberate I.T. over the past 10 years. They have great capabilities across NetSuite implementation and consultation, and helped us modernise and transform some very old-fashioned and dysfunctional business processes.


Craig Pinker


Liberate I.T. provided excellent training so we could carry out our NetSuite implementation. The knowledge and experienced team were quick to understand our business requirements and offer us the most relevant NetSuite advice so we were up and running as seamlessly as possible.


Marina Hirst Tristram

Tasman Bay Food Group

We needed a tool that was powerful and versatile enough to handle demand planning, warehouse management, that had freedom of ease for customisation – and was able to bring the full staff to the system regardless of whether they were on or off site. We knew Liberate I.T. and NetSuite could deliver.


Claire Harney


As we went through the process of selecting a replacement ERP solution for our growing business, NetSuite and Liberate I.T. came out consistently on top. The architecture that’s built for the internet stood out – as did the desire by Oracle NetSuite to be number one in their category.


Andrew White


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As we went through the process of selecting a replacement ERP solution for our growing business Netsuite and Liberate I.T came out consistently on top. Liberate I.T were our preferred vendor as they live and breathe Netsuite and have done so for ten years.

Andrew White

You made the whole project an enjoyable and exciting experience that has been key in moving the business forward in leaps and bounds!

Murray Sellars
Packline Solutions

The change over from old program to NetSuite was made easy by their vast knowledge and being able to adapt the program to our style of business and recommend changes to save time. 

Lyn Chapman
Prestige Produce

They ensured our implementation of JCurve/NetSuite was seamless to our customers and since the cut-over has continued to assist us with progressively expanding the NetSuite capabilities within our company.

Peter Davis
Point to Point Distribution

Liberate I.T. has the unique characteristics of in-depth understanding of the NetSuite application and business process to offer businesses an optimal system for their business to operate. They are quick to identify and interpret needs and have a broad and practical experience to know what works.

Lucas Vear
Viatek Pty Ltd

I've worked closely with these guys for over 3 years now and would recommend them highly. Everyone takes a keen interest in finding the right solution for our needs, which is a feat, considering our needs are far from 'generic'.

Joshua Brownlie
Bulleen Screens

Liberate IT have helped shape our company's future direction with their thorough understanding and professional implementation of our NetSuite package. Highly recommend.

Julian Smith
Nationwide Waste