The Navigation Portlet helps users simplify navigation to frequently used records or pages in NetSuite. Using the portlet, shortcuts can be created to the pages visited frequently and can also be organized into groups and categories. These links are displayed on a user’s dashboard, meaning the user no longer has to comb through NetSuite menus. The navigation portlet is an easy way to enhance your dashboard and increase your efficiency in NetSuite.

To Install The Navigation Portlet SuiteApp:

  1. Navigate to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles
  2. On the Search and Install Bundles page, enter in the Bundle ID: 186103
  3. Click Install. During the installation, you can click Refresh to get the latest status

Once installed, roles must be given access to the following custom records (Permissions > Custom Records):

  • Navigation Categories
  • Navigation Shortcut
  • Navigation Shortcut Group
  • Navigation Shortcut Tooltip

To set up the Navigation Portlet SuiteApp, create links, groups, and categories at Setup > Navigation Portlet > Manage Shortcut Group. Shortcut groups can be displayed to all roles or selected roles only.

Once the navigation portlet is added to the Home dashboard, users can modify the appearance by hovering in the top right of the portlet and selecting the edit menu. In addition, if one portlet isn’t enough, multiple navigation portlets can be added to the dashboard.