NetSuite’s Warehouse Management Solution

Presented by – Jaco Ungerer, NetSuite

Have you considered introducing a warehouse management solution (WMS) or are you thinking about updating your existing solution? NetSuite’s own WMS has come of age and uses industry leading best practices to more efficiently run your warehouse and minimise handling costs through scanner technology. NetSuite’s WMS is built on the NetSuite platform, meaning there are no headaches with integrations and you know that it is designed around the items and bins that you already have set up in NetSuite.

Customers have reported seeing key benefits through the introduction of WMS such as;

    • Receiving of goods is now easy, so NetSuite can quickly show the whole business what is available for picking and from where.
    • Reduction in steps the warehouse team have to take when picking orders as they can now pick more efficiently.
    • Improved accuracy in picking makes for happier customers and reduced returns to manage.
    • Optimise space utilisation in the warehouse
    • Real-time traceability of inventory movements and transaction.

So join us for our upcoming Webinar where we have invited the team from NetSuite to inform you of what WMS can do and demonstrate the solution to you.